The “PLACEBO EFFECT” – in the elevation of poverty consciousness.

The “PLACEBO EFFECT” – in the elevation of poverty consciousness.

Bruce Lipton: “The Placebo Effect is the fact that a belief that a person has, can override their biology”.

Bruce Lipton’s quote from “The Living Matrix” relates to the natural capacity humans have for self-healing. This same effect of Placebo can also be applied to life’s external circumstances in that “what we believe becomes our reality”.

This affect of Placebo can be quantified as the mind creating reality through the precise EXPECTATION of certain outcomes, or immovable beliefs – or, “Mind over Matter”

Placebo is generally viewed as a phenomenon with no scientific or rational basis. But the fact that it exists and that it creates results, makes it a paradox we have yet to understand. Placebo is of the mind, and when it comes to understanding the mind, science has still a way to go.

From the Placebo perspective, I want to address the reality of “Poverty Consciousness”. This is a major hurdle for millions of individuals worldwide and for Humanity as a whole.

Poverty Consciousness is a chronic condition. As such, it also has a genetic construct – an over-hang from the early days of human Slavery. It is an engrained belief that passes through generations of DNA and is not only held in place by the lifestyles we live, but also its influence is self perpetuating through the structures and ideologies it creates in our current democratic way of life.

In slavery, a person laboured to live. They had very little choice regarding their careers. Slaves were viewed as intellectually inferior and more as a “property” than as a person. To those who could afford them, their use was to perform laborious tasks, usually of an arduous nature.

The slaves themselves generally had low self-esteem and in many respects this was taken advantage of. Their thoughts and experiences would have reinforced their beliefs that hard labour earned very little money, and this barely kept them alive.

Slaves were at the bottom of the social ladder. If a slave had a dream or ambition of greatness and success, their psychological conflict would inevitably eventuate in suppression of their dream to the toil and hardship of their waking reality. There were very few who had the will to realise their dreams, but the ones that did, made a huge difference.

In the end – to the slave, their bondage to slavery would become a self-imposed condition. Some slaves would actually defend their right to be a slave, and when slavery was abolished; unbelievably, there was great difficulty and challenge in adjusting to a new freedom!

Poverty consciousness has its roots in slavery. Our beliefs around poverty develop to accommodate our negative circumstances. In the interests of our survival we will often justify and defend our limitations, even though we may appear on the surface to have a positive outlook.

Placebo is mind over matter. If one is to utilise the power of Placebo, one must overlook the realities of science and believe in the power of miracles as unexplainable events based on the power of positive belief – our NEW expectations must be immoveable.

A belief can be represented in many different thoughts, but the belief itself will have one primary feeling.

Working with our thoughts around poverty consciousness is a good start but if we are to truly elevate our expectation, we must be working at a feeling level. The process of elevating our beliefs at a feeling level can take time but as we do this Placebo works to reduce the compulsive nature of our DNA to express our negative expectation. With time we will gradually begin to “feel” our natural abundance.

Here is a simple exercise to practice – continue with this exercise until you notice your thoughts becoming more positive and the opportunities around you increasing for your good.

This is the “RELIEF” exercise. (no thoughts required)

Close your eyes
Identify your feelings of poverty and hardship.
Breathe in deeply and breathe out slowly in a determined way, your feelings around poverty and hardship . . . release.

Repeat if necessary until you begin to feel a sense of RELIEF.

Now, just feel the RELIEF . . . the total freedom of this relief.
Be with the feeling of this RELIEF for as long as you can.
Imagine this sense of RELIEF as a permanent change.

Whenever you feel the feelings of poverty and hardship, stop and do this exercise. You will soon begin to notice things changing within you – and around you!

Abundance is always

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2 Responses to The “PLACEBO EFFECT” – in the elevation of poverty consciousness.

  1. Jeffree, this article is absolutely amazing.
    I relate to everything in it.
    My parents both came from “working class” parents who worked very very hard all their lives, on low incomes, just to make ends meet, but never experienced abundance.
    And I have done exactly the same, working long hours all my life, either for no pay at all, or for a minimum pay. And for some reason have expected to be content with second-hand and broken-down everything.
    My own dad somehow managed to rise above this and has done well for himself, but I married into another family who also had these same poverty consciousness genes in their DNA and so in my partnership in raising a family we always struggled. And the stress of that – of working hard but having nothing to show for it, took its toll on my now ex-husband, who used alcohol as a means to cope and it took him down a downward spiral that just increased this poverty consciousness all the more.
    As individuals each now on our separate journeys we have continued to have a battle with poverty.
    I have recently moved into a place of expecting good things to come my way, and have been amazed at the many miraculous connections and new networkings with others who have raised their consciousness, and who are attracting amazing abundance in their life holistically across all aspects of their life and wellbeing.
    I am beginning this journey too.
    THank you so much for sharing this article.
    It is extremely empowering!!!
    And I found the action steps you suggested really helpful – in fact I cried tears of relief when I took action.
    What a huge insight to gain.
    What a huge stress to release, and what an enormous load has been lifted from me.
    But particularly the insight into how the battle in my mind & patterns for so long has actually been due to something in my DNA being in conflict with my true desires.
    Thank you Jeffrey.
    I look forward to reading more of your insights, and purchasing your upcoming book.

    • Thank you Jeffree. I do have to agree with Allie on her experience as it relates to my own.
      I want to share the wonder of what happened within me when I undertook this profound exercise.
      Firstly, I began to breathe in the purging clean purity of the air. I sensed stronger with each breath that my Solar Plexus Chakra (My ability to be confident & in control of my life) was black and blocked. I continued to breathe into that space and consciously breathed out the black of poverty consciousness until I felt my breath become clear and white. During this process I noticed that I had thoughts and impressions of how and what I was holding onto and how that expressed in my life currently.
      I then checked in again so as to gain a sense of size and density of the blackness if any. I saw myself inside an area of white space but still in the centre was a smaller ball of black. I was dancing around the ball, I felt space and freedom to move in that restricted area. I could at this point have been content and stop the processing however having started the process I realized I had the ability and keys to freedom from slavery in my very breath right now, not only for myself but for past generations, those now living and those on their way.
      I continued to breathe into the black ball area to break up the density and this time also took my hands to pull out the energy through the front of my body and blowing it away several times. I sensed in again and experienced the room I had to dance had increased and the density more like a smoke consistency now. Interesting, because as a Holistic Counsellor I learned that a sense of smoke represents FEAR. This resonated knowing I know had the keys to freedom of poverty consciousness, to take back control of my life from tangles of generational ties.
      I continued breathing out the smoke and found myself seeing myself elevated above the white clouds breathing out brown smoke which dissipated into the white cloud.
      I then called out a mantra of release for myself from this poverty consciousness of generations and had a strong sense and viewing of my children and their families (along with my unborn grandchild), all presented in white, standing in a semi-circle and many more people which I feel were my generational families. I felt overcome with emotion as I realized the power of what was happening as a family and also as I write this, gratitude fills my eyes and heart simultaneously.

      As I exhaled in my focussed and determined way I realized my breath was becoming whiter but noticed still a quantity of brown. Then suddenly, I noticed my breathing pattern and quantity of breath completely change. Now I experienced it as strong white, in and out. I looked at those around me and encouraged them to do the same. As I did so I saw a large black hole with white at the end in the distance beyond the layer of clouds before us. We all breathed and aimed our varying shades of black toward the hole which appeared to just swallow everything being projected out of our bodies.
      We all continued until I noticed the entire group’s colour became breath of pure white. I could feel the freedom within my solar plexus and breathed beautiful crisp white into the vacant space, feeling the sense of healing. We all breathed in synchronistic timing and harmony. This was a very emotional phenomenon and one I know my body cells will record. I intend to undergo this regularly as I permanently change the cellular biology within me to recognize freedom of cellular movement and production, and my embodiment and expression of freedom.
      Thank you for sharing this powerful technique to break the curse of generations!

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