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Butterfly is part of the family

Dear Jeff
In the late 1980s I was almost blind. I was offered an operation to restore my sight, however, there was a 20% chance it wouldn’t work and I could lose my sight altogether. It was a very challenging time. Mum was a healthcare professional who played relaxation tapes in her clinic. In preparation for the operation, she regularly played me Butterfly. I loved it. As I lay on the trolley being wheeled in to surgery, I imagined I was listening to Butterfly, note for note.

I regained my sight, and my life. Fast forward to the 2010s, I had several major risky operations, and the wonderful doctors and nurses always said how calm I was. I smiled every time, with Butterfly as the last thing I heard in my mind as I was going under.

I will always be so very grateful to Mum for leading me to your soothing, moving music, which is beautiful beyond words. It truly helped me breathe, cope and recover. I couldn’t have got through those terribly hard times without Butterfly.

Mum now has early dementia, and sometimes gets very frustrated when her memory fails her, or when she is in pain. As soon as I play Butterfly, which she absolutely recognises, she finds peace and happiness.

From both of us, a deep and heartfelt thankyou for bringing us such joy and beauty, and for making such a wonderful difference in our lives.
Megan R

Megan R
Canberra, Australia


What a wonderful, amazing experience is was to have been a part of the meditation group in Drury the connections that were made happened quickly with Jeffree’s guidance. It is one of best things I have done in a long long time. I truly miss those mindful evenings, even though I use daily the meditations and the beautiful CD which I must up date. I love receiving his emails (even if I haven’t told him) I’m sure he knows. I am transcended to places that offer me peace, healing and courage just by reading his emails. If you don’t have any of his music then you are truly missing out on an amazingly awesome experience. Thank you Jeffere.

Anna Mckenzie

Healing with Jeffree Clarkson’s music.

When running a float tank centre called “EQUILIMIUM” back in the late 80’s we used Jeffree’s music for our guests during their floats in their tanks. We also played Jeffree’s CDs in the lounge, which enhanced their experience. The combination of flotation and Jeffree’s music as many guests shared with us had allowed them to experience theta brain wave level. People loved his music so much that many people purchased his CDs from us as we were stocking them from Jeffree. I sometimes played Jeffree’s music during my Kahuna bodywork/massage sessions during these same years. Now that I own and run a holiday retreat centre in Hokianga from 2008 I offer Jeffree’s music for people to listen to during their time here.

Jillyan Baldwin

Jeffree’s music fills our home

Jeffree’s music fills our home with peace and tranquility almost every day.

Reuben Rowntree

Your music takes me to another place

Thank you Jeffree for the beautiful music you compose. It truly is spiritually guided and whilst listening I find that I easily go to a place of peace.
I am also loving the Meditation Series with the remastered music – you make meditating easy and a special place to be.
Every morning, I sit up in bed and plug in my earphones and meditate. It truly is the best start to my day.
Love and Light Jeffree

Caterina Findsen

Jeffree’s Legacy

I first heard Jeffrey’s music when I worked the sound desk at a show we put on in Takapuna to help the people of Nepal. I was spellbound by his music and felt it ideal for featuring on my internet radio station (Sleep Radio). The station broadcasts soft, ambient relaxation to the world and provides a free tool to help people sleep. Jeffree’s music helps thousands around the world relax and sleep.

John Watson
Te Aroha

I LOVE Love Just Is!

I still remember my first introduction to your music when you were set up on the platform on the lake at Hamilton Gardens back in the early 90s and although I have all your albums, Botanica will always be my favourite, especially the track “Love Just Is”, because it was the first melody of yours I’d heard.

Keep up the good work – you are an inspiration to us all.


An inspirational evening!

Thank you so much for an inspirational evening – it took me to a very peaceful loving and happy place. Be assured with five new CDs your music will be assisting me in building on my inner peace and love.

Life, love and Laughter.


From a fellow Musician of the spirit

As a fellow ‘musician of the spirit’ (manifesting in piano keyboard and parallel philosophies of life and music) I thoroughly appreciated both the music and the philosophy.

The world has much need of you.
Please keep going with your musical and spiritual truths, both expressed!
Warm regards from a fellow musician.

Peggy H

This music has been everywhere with me

… I have been sleeping with your music, for the past 18 years. Butterfly was my gift to all my expectant girlfriends, a blessing. You have been with me, in cars, planes, trains, calming my clients in mental hospital, loved ones in the death transition, daily with my awakening clients, love making, the bath –  you have been every where…

I am so grateful you are in my life, love you always.

Janine Seymour

Soothing Music

The most wonderful music I have experienced.
It reminds me of the Tonal Chimes that I play in a group.
Very soothing for nerves on edge. Especially with cord compression.

Cheryl Wilton


Jeff you and your music is an inspiration to us all. I first saw you play outside a record shop in Whangarei, many years ago.

You just get better and better. Keep it up.
Love and Blessings


For Reiki and Healing

I have always been a fan of your beautiful music ever since I first heard Butterfly. I will never forget the first time I heard your Rainbow Rapsody from your Simplicity Album! Just what I needed at that time.

I use your music often when doing Reiki healing sessions and find that it relaxes and compliments all that I do.
Thank you so much for your wonderful music – truly the Best of NZ Music!
With love & Rainbow Blessings

Erica the Rainbow Lady

Help in the toughest of times

Thank you so much for your music, I started my collection in the late 80s and this had helped me through the toughest times of my life, in fact you helped my depression.

God bless you Jeff

Thankyou for the music

Dave Powell

Count to Ten

A trip in my memory; TWO wonderful Islands, THREE months discovering the magic of New Zealand, FOUR-hour excursion by Doubtful Sound, FIVE places of dream (Tekapo lake, Lake Matheson, Fox Glacier, Kerosine creek, Waipoua Kauri forest and Coromandel peninsula), SIX treks (Keppler, Routeburn, Mt Aspiring, Nelson lakes, Abel Tasman tracks and Tongariro crossing), SEVEN days a week sleeping in my comfortable van in intimate places, EIGHT dolphins swimming with me in Kaikoura, NINE sunrises and sunsets feeling the energy of nature and TEN… today just TEN years ago that on March 16, 2001 that I saw you playing in the Cathedral Square feeling that I was touching the sky.

All my positive energy for the people of Christchurch in these hard moments and a big hug and many thanks once again for you Jeff.


Iñaki Gonzalez


There have been few occasions in my musical career when music stops you in your tracks and grabs you and holds you spellbound.

This has been one of those times which was magical.


My first meditation

Hi Jeff,

I was totally impressed with your Meditation Class last week – my first Meditation I have ever done! I will be looking forward to more in the future. I love your music too, I felt you passion and love.

All the best and will be in touch.

Dean Moore

From relaxation to meditation

We have collected all your CD’s since butterfly came out and your music has always been inspirational, uplifting and relaxing.

After seeing your performance in the Auckland Art Gallery I took the next step and followed up your invitation to attend your Meditation Course. Since then I practice every day a meditation, and the people around me have recently noticed that I have changed in a very positive way. Feeling 10 times “better” and knowing that my meditations are only the beginning. It is like opening another door…

Thank you for your insights and teachings, it was and is a wonderful experience.

Robert A F van de Voort

Off to sleep . . .

Dear Jeff

I just had to write and tell you that your music is so beautiful. I listen to your tapes every day. The last thing I hear at night when I go to sleep is your music.
My favourite is Songbird . . .
Yours sincerely

P. T.

A beautiful gift from our Creator

Hi Jeff
I am living overseas for a while. Before I left New Zealand I bought 3 of your New Age tapes, and I just had to write to you and thank you for bringing this very beautiful and special music to our planet – it feels New Zealand, home to me. Butterfly in particular touches me so deeply I’ve cried each time I’ve heard it. Thank you.

Keep on with whatever you feel in this work, it is special.

A beautiful gift from our Creator.
Love & light to you

I. P.

A miraculous recovery

Three months ago our seven year old son Leon was involved in a dreadful bike accident. He was rushed to the Starship hospital intensive care unit with severe head injuries. After being on life support for 2 days he remained in a semi-coma for the following 4 to 5 days. Leon had fractured his skull in two places and his brain had taken a terrible bruising.

We were told by the hospital staff not to expect Leon to make a very quick recovery and reading books on head injuries confirmed the slow process toward recovery. We learnt that Leon would need to be as calm and relaxed as possible when he became fully conscious because of the severe headaches concussion causes.

We decided to use our “Songbird” tape and we played it non-stop during his coma.
He recovered miraculously and during his waking moments he asked for the tape to be played rather than us talking with him.
Leon has no noticeable after effects from his injury and is now back at school.
One major change in him however is that he can’t sleep at night without his “Songbird” tape.

Thanks, Jeff.

We believe that the music helped him towards such a quick recovery.
Many, many thanks…

P. S.

Recovery from major surgery

I have lived with your music for the past five years and recently underwent fairly major surgery.
I would like to thank you again from my heart for your gift of music. Both Butterfly and Songbird have been played constantly during my recovery. I am sure that their calmness has contributed to my recovery. They have kept me company – especially around the times when I have not felt very good.
My heartfelt thanks for sharing your music, at present it is a very important part of my day.
(I also love Botanica and InfiniteGrace)

P. C.

Calming and Centring

I am absolutely hooked! I listened to Songbird on the way home . . . and you are right – creative thoughts just flowed! I am finding Serenade a wonderful way to calm down and get centred. Yes, I’m hooked. . .

M. C.

For sleeping and birthing

Your music, particularly Butterfly helped me through a difficult and stressful time in my life. I used to listen to Butterfly to get myself to sleep.
I was disappointed when my Butterfly tape was stolen during a burglary and actually replaced it only yesterday with the CD.
The funny thing is I was telling a friend that I had bought the CD, his reply was that his wife used Butterfly to listen to during the 16 hour labor for the birth of his son, so he knows it well!
Look how many uses there are for your music. I just love your music and the beautiful contribution you give to this universe.

S. S.

Spiritual experience

Dear Jeff
I want to thank you so much for composing such beautiful music, especially Botanica & Butterfly. They both give me so much spiritual joy and peace.
Thank you for playing your music and sharing yourself so much. I will never forget when you played at . . . I had a spiritual/soul experience when we all sang Earth is our Home. Thank you for writing such beautiful words. You are a beautiful soul and we are very privileged to have you in Auckland.
In love & light

F. S.

For peace and tranquility

Dear Jeff
I thank you for your wonderful music which has come into my life at a time of need for peace and tranquility as I am working my way through the grief of losing my loved husband suddenly 18 months ago.
With the help of meditation, affirmations and heaps of reading on the subject I find I am coming through and starting to balance my life once more.
I have Butterfly and Botanica – are there more?
Thank you, thank you
God Bless

C. W.

Searching for something

Dear Jeff,
You may think this is silly but I have to write to you, and thank you. I was introduced to your music almost two years ago. I have been searching all my life for “something” musical but could neither find… nor explain what I was looking for. Now I have found, my search is over. (….)
You have a wonderful gift. Thank you for sharing it (…)

Ms. L. McN.

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