The Playing Fields Download


The latest track from Jeffree – The Playing Fields!

Duration: 22:33

Included in this product is an High Quality Mp3 and a PDF about the Journey of The Playing Fields.


The music of “The Playing Fields” is designed as an accompaniment for an inner journey meditation. It is also a musical sound-art for your listening pleasure . . .

“The Playing Fields” is designed to enhance the creative-mind through making a connection with our “Inner Child” energy. Being with this music in meditation will lead to a growing awareness of the Soul Child within, uplifting our creative energies to flow into a life of deep happiness and fulfilment . . .

The Inner Child is a spiritual energy that arrives with us as we enter our human life. It is a naturally free and creative energy that empowers our intuitive, playful and fun-loving nature. It is also a caring and nurturing energy that brings peace and wellbeing to life. 

For the duration of our lifetime, the Inner Child in its purest form, remains untouched within our heart, inspiring our dreams and reminding our connection to source. However, as the increasing demands of human survival occupy more and more of our waking awareness, the light of our Inner Child can become obscured, leaving us feeling disconnected, and without direction.

The vibration of The Playing Fields will awaken and reconnect us with our most essential Inner Child energy, unfolding a more balanced and free thinking awareness and increasing our general wellbeing, leading to a happier more positive outlook on life.

The journey of the music visualises children playing in a field of Wild Flowers. Connect with whatever image you have of this. When the music becomes quiet and spacious, allow your visualisations to become your feelings as you journey deep within . . . 

Your Inner Child will grow out of the peace you are feeling – its energy will gently rise from within your heart. Your recognition may register as a deep familiarity, including a gradual heart-warming accompanied by feelings of joy, lightness and play. Allow its presence to be without judgment or expectation – welcome your most essential presence back into your waking life.

With regular meditative visits to The Playing Fields, your Inner Child energy will continue to brighten within you. The wisdom of the Inner Child will bring a lighter perspective to the intensity of the rational mind, creating a more naturally balanced and healthy intelligence.


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