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Jeffree’s second album in this relaxing style, released in 1988, Songbird has an effervescent quality that releases creativity. This composition is unquestionably restful, relaxing and very visual. There is a subliminal healing that underpins the melodies and ambiences that form the structure of Songbird. In meditation allow yourself to float freely with the flow of the track, let the space within the music be the space within your creativity, continuing forever – eternal.

I have approached the arrangement of Songbird in much the same way as Butterfly and using similar instrument sounds, only this time conveying a much broader soundscape. I am becoming consciously aware of tonal colour and its uses. – Jeffree

Track Listing:

  1. Songbird (23:20)
  2. Rainbow Forest (21:45)
  3. Ajna (9:30)
  4. Into the Vortex (7:10)
  5. Paradise (5:25)



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