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Simplicity reveals the simple essence of life that exists below the surface complexities of the rational mind. It is a companion for an inner journey and for the most part is gentle and healing and moves slowly through nature’s changing scenes and restful ambience. Released in 1998, Simplicity is an adventure into nature designed to inspire recall of our earliest recognition of life and our oneness with all things. Simplicity is a journey of healing.

Simplicity is structured as an extended journey from “The Garden of Life” to “Life is Forever,” or three shorter journeys, ‘The Garden of Life,” “The Circle of Nature” and “The Valley of a Peaceful Heart.”

Throughout the album the music is blended with the natural sound effects recordings of local waterfalls, streams, seashores and native New Zealand birds. Cover art courtesy Andy Dunn graphics.

Simplicity was an emotive time for me. Since Botanica I had been drawing inspiration and arrangement ideas from the earlier song music. On such visitations I would often find unresolved remnants of old behaviour patterns to work through. The inner voice was supportive as always . . . perhaps a little softer than it used to be. “Remember, everything is perfect in time – as it always is.” – Jeffree

Track Listings:

  1. Garden of Life (9:51)
  2. Dancing on a Still Pond (5:39)
  3. Springtime Harmony (4:23)
  4. The Circle of Nature (4:14)
  5. Enchanted Forest (11:55)
  6. Time and Tide (5:02)
  7. Valley of a Peaceful Heart (4:12)
  8. Beyond (7:04)
  9. Rainbow Rhapsody (4:39)
  10. Life is Forever (6:07)


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