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Released in 1992, Serenade has a peaceful flowing ambience with very little melody. Serenade is not a tune it is a place, and it is a very beautiful healing place. In meditation time is easily lost in the washes of strings that appear and disappear, the colours are pastel and the feeling is heavenly. There is a smooth transition from angels to children as the final movement of this composition recreates the atmosphere of the inner child.

The track “Serenade” was a heavenly, purest white communication. I was open and allowing as their softness reached within me, healing where healing hadn’t seen. Such tenderness I had never felt before has remained with me since. Beyond the lightness of touch returned a music poignant in feeling, yet immoveable in strength. On a gentle breeze they whispered their song . . .  – Jeffree

DANCING WITH ANGELS was a little journey in itself. An introduction featuring the call of a thousand angels ushers in the first movement where we rediscover the semblance of the “Butterfly” concerto. The glass piano returns as does the soft piano arpeggios with the mellow strings providing the backdrop. The second movement however was created spontaneously or should I say with “higher assistance”. It all happened in one take – no rehearsals, one minute it was in the ether the next, inside the sequencer. It is a most moving piece of music and is the essence of this track. The third movement is a variation of the first movement with a wistful ending that gently drifts into the distance.

Track Listings:

  1. Serenade (21:50)
  2. Dancing with Angels (22:20)
  3. Slow Motion (4:35)
  4. Still Life (9:02)
  5. Soft Focus (7:40)


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