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In the key of Peace:

“Peace is the hidden key in music, it harmonises with silence and lies between and beyond the notes we know so well. Within the key of Peace dwells a music that dances us to the Stillness of our essential being – to the heart of our most divine soul”.

In this book, Jeffree brings us an essential view of peace that originates in the years of his early childhood. Hearing beautiful music playing while in the soothing vibration of nature not only became the guiding influence of his life, but also after many years of composing and performing, led him to the doorway of meditation and the possibility of creating a whole new music. It was through practicing meditation that Jeffree was able to access his deepest memories, and the musical inspirations of his childhood years soon became a catalogue of beautiful healing music for the inner soul.

For Jeffree, composing music for meditation was a feature of channelling. From where the music originated came deep and profound insights that resonated from a place of inner peace existing within each of us. Through his music Jeffree brings us to peace within, and through the composition of his “Simply Stillness” meditation, he provides a means of access to the wisdom of our essential being . . . This book outlines Jeffree’s extraordinary story from early-life experiences to his latest music creations, and his visionary philosophy for a peaceful world.

Published by Jeffree Clarkson 2015

2 reviews for In the key of Peace Book

  1. claudine

    Great book, really helps to understand what meditation is and how to do it. Easy to read,
    Very enjoyable, I read a chapter before I start to meditate which helps me to get into the meditation faster.
    Well done Jeffree

  2. Christine Carter

    Sam and I have been travelling for 22 years teaching massage and energy healing we call the Method “Spirit Heal” our Journey consisted of 14 years from Canada-Patagonia all the time our music that we provided our students for back up to our massage workshops was mainly Jeffree’s Butterfly being one of our favourites. The healing qualities of this music is an example of how special this amazing man and his own healing gifts can travel and impact World Wide. Keep up the awsome work. Love you Jeffree.

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