Peace on Earth EP [2014] Download


Jeffree’s gift of Christmas;

The First Noel (traditional)
Silent Night (traditional)
Greensleeves (traditional)
Peace on Earth – a Christmas meditation (Jeffree Clarkson)


It is with great love and joy that I wish you all a peaceful Christmas 2014. Using a peaceful energy, I have put together these music arrangements to bring the familiar vibration of Christmas into your lives and your homes.

I have also included a 22 minute stillness meditation “Peace on Earth” for your contemplation and deep relaxation. In the quiet of this music, sit in stillness with your eyes closed . . . With your most loving heart-felt energy, visualise reaching out to those in need and less fortunate. See the difference your love is making, no matter how far it has to travel – it is there in an instant. Know that through the stillness and peace of your meditation, what you are giving from your heart is making a world of difference – a world of peace and abundance for all.

AND just to make it even easier to get this music from me to your speakers – this product is a DOWNLOADABLE MP3! 

Thank you Alexia for fine-tuning and mastering.

Thank you Eden for her beautiful work with cover art.

Thank YOU

Christmas blessings

Track Listings:

  1. First Noel (04:36)
  2. Silent Night (04:31)
  3. Greensleeves (03:44)
  4. Peace on Earth – a Christmas Meditation (22:10)


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