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Released late 2013, One in the Field is the result of an expansive inward journey. It brings a connection to the rational and the intuitive. It is playful and it is profound. It is energetic and it is meditative. One in the Field is an inspiration born of what is present but not instantly perceived. “The Field” refers to the space above, below and between us – its energy is LOVE and we have never been without it. So familiar in its feeling are we in body, we are sometimes indifferent to its existence . . . and yet if we still ourselves for a moment, we feel the vibration of its benevolent embrace.

It is in “The Field” where my essential being expresses the inspiration of this music. I am ever thankful for its possibility and potential. – Jeffree

Seven years in conception, this music has seen many faces. Progressions have changed, melodies have developed and the individual sounds that make up each track have matured with such elegance. This is a true masterpiece of Jeffree’s work.

The continuing journey of these past seven years has revealed to me yet more of the beauty and wonder contained within this gift of life. With each morning walk has come a step forward in the revealing of the sounds and music of this album. – Jeffree

Track Listings:

  1. Above Below Between (10:35)
  2. Remembering (7:26)
  3. Solaris Aglow (5:03)
  4. Trusting the way (4:37)
  5. Emergence (6:03)
  6. Faeries of Purewa (9:21)
  7. One in the Field (12:40)
  8. The Pipes of Peace (8:54)


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