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In 1990, Infinite Grace entered the repertoire. Infinite Grace expresses that aspect of Dolphin consciousness that we all feel when we are in harmony with the flow of life. It is felt strongly in the heart and these feelings impart universal knowledge and inspiration.

I was hearing the ambience of Butterfly and Songbird, but this time there was a water component. “Hectors Dolphin” was a Butterfly, emerging through the chrysalis of time unchanged. It was a Songbird that flew through the water, embracing its freedom through the harmony of appreciation. Thank you Steve Dawson of Cetos Research for the cover image and the recordings of Hectors Dolphin. – Jeffree

Relax and let go into Infinite Grace. There is a smoothness and an easy flow that will carry you gently on a sound adventure of mystery and enchantment. Experience the completeness and perfection of life within the music, allow the energy of the Dolphin to massage your emotions and gently and subtly surrender the tension within your mind and body. – exhale.

Living close to the water is very inspiring, it has a lot to do with being able to see the “bigger picture” in life. I notice the tides, the breathing in and out of Mother Earth. – Jeffree

Track Listings:

  1. Hector’s Dolphin (2:30)
  2. Infinite Grace (22:15)
  3. Oasis (21:20)
  4. Atlantis (24:10)


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