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After 20 years of ‘Pop Rock and Roll’ music, Jeffree ventured inward and began a meditative journey of discovery; the audible result was Butterfly. Jeffree’s first instrumental music written specifically for meditation, released in 1986.

Butterfly is a very soft and gentle composition, it is meant to relax and heal. The tempo is extremely slow and at times the structure gives way to a no tempo, “free form” motion. The primary theme is embryonic and is performed with the very delicate and fragile sound of a glass piano. The effect is very “lullabyish” and is complemented by the sound of a soft electric piano which forms the framework of the composition. As the melodies fade away the music takes on an ambient mode where restful chord washes rise and fall as they pass across the stereo spectrum. The exchange between structure and non structure comes and goes throughout the composition with the natural sounds of birds and waterfalls further enhancing an overall effect which is quite illusionary, virtually slowing down time and promoting a very deep relaxation within the listener.

From chrysalis to butterfly this music inspires the transformation of human consciousness and the awakening of spiritual awareness.

Track Listing:

  1. Butterfly Overture (5:30)
  2. Meditation for Transformation (20:03)
  3. Butterfly (19:57)
  4. Transformation Reprise (13:55)


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