Butterfly 20 minute meditation Download


Butterfly is fragile and embryonic – a subtle lullaby energy with a distinctly delicate and peaceful feeling – infinite, and yet contained in a moment all at once. In the peaceful vibration of nature’s music, feel the presence of your inner child returning you to the most essential experience of peace within.

Album: Track 1 Butterfly
Duration: 20:25


Meditation and healing:
A continuously relaxing and soothing music composition including the embellishment of natural sound effects. Creatively inspired in the transformation of chrysalis to butterfly and musically symbolised in the delicate and effervescent life-cycle of the butterfly journey.


The Meditation Series is all about finding your peace within… Creating that moment to just be with yourself and letting your stress cease to be.

I like to have a time when I am just thinking and doing nothing else. My thoughts are deeper and more profound when I am relaxed and still. I create this time everyday and I want to help you create the same within your life.

The Meditation Series is a collection of my most relaxing music, growing every two weeks (click here to sign-up to my newsletter to be the first to know!). The duration of the tracks is around 20 minutes, a good amount for meditation. Music from my earlier catalogue is remastered to today’s standards and new music makes an appearance too!

The Meditation Series is only available to download right here on my website.

Create that special time for yourself everyday. Let your inner-child’s voice be heard in the silence of your soul and allow peace to permeate through your life.

in Peace, always…


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