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Released in 1991, A New Eden welcomed the arrival of a new soul… Feminine and free, far seeing and colourful – a child of the Earth.

A New Eden will take you directly to the heart of nature. Feel the reflections of this beauty resonating within, expanding throughout your consciousness. Feel the “greenness” of nature, the creation and the grandeur of the original dream that exists within our very own genetic structure – waiting to be realised, to be recognised as the essence who we are. – Visualise.

To the vibration of this new being, a great symphony arrived in my consciousness. The title track “A New Eden” was an inspiration of the Green World and the botanical wonderland of my earlier years – Jeffree

Track Listings:

  1. A New Eden (21:25)
  2. Perfect Garden (21:55)
  3. In Extenso (22:00)


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