Learn to meditate the Simply Stillness way with Jeffree

I have been practicing meditation for almost 30 years, and my experience as a meditation coach is built on the research and development of the meditation albums that I compose. My experience reveals meditation as a natural exercise at an essential level.

Understanding meditation through the Simply Stillness approach, provides new and provocative insights into self-empowerment and self-healing through its practice. The use of my music also contributes in a significant way by providing a profoundly peaceful atmosphere that smoothes out the “busy-mind” syndrome many learning meditators have difficulty in overcoming. The music also adds a companionate quality to meditating that helps maintain long periods of stillness without distraction.

With regular (daily) stillness meditation you will feel the benefits in only just a few weeks, they include the profound reduction of stress levels, clarity of mind and an all-round stronger immune system. All this adds up to a more vital and positive outlook that without fail, will enhance your personal and professional life.

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