Children and the Inner child

Children and the Inner child

Adults will dismiss child ideas as naïve and simplistic, yet the child is closer to knowing true peace. What does this say about the direction of humanity? The child would not ignore another who is suffering, yet the adult world will accommodate poverty as if it were necessary.

We are in change . . .

The changes that are moving humanity forward are the changes we are make within ourselves. There will be no other revolution as this. It will be as a quiet revealing of our inner nature – a deeply felt recognition of oneness with all that surrounds us. In the first instance it may seem as new, but in its growing familiarity we are only renewed. As we absorb the life of its creativity, the joy of its freedom and the wisdom of its simplicity, we will recognise our own “Inner Child” and we will never turn away again . . .

The inner child becomes the life of a single unique human being. By virtue of its emergence from Soul Consciousness, the inner child carries the synchronistic vibration of the soul’s creative desire. Within this vibration is contained the unique gift and creative purpose of our human journey.

The universe is created through soul consciousness – we are all part of this. We each have a purpose here.

It is only by our example that children learn to live in the material world as they do . . . and if their behaviour doesn’t please us do we think to change ourselves? If we do not hold our own inner child as divine in beauty, then how can we recognise the natural wisdom of what our children bring? Children should never be seen as anything other than divine. Their presence here and their vision is a direct synchronicity of the creation of soul consciousness.

From Soul Consciousness, we become Human Child. The Soul and the Inner child are neighbours – they know each other well. At the level of Soul, the child chooses its parents. We do not own our children.

Many adults and parents in today’s industrialised world have lost their connection with their inner child. Under the pressures of material survival, childhoods have been discarded as irrelevant to the adult life. But in severing childhood, the essential quality of the inner child is also lost. This leaves adulthood without a sense of vision or meaning as we become progressively attached to an over-materialized outlook. We become rational-only in our thinking and the feelings of our heart are not trusted.

Natural child qualities such as creativity and imagination, playfulness and joy, unconditional love and closeness to nature, are just some of the innate qualities of the inner child.  The human child recognises itself through these essential vibrations. For the adult mentality, the re-integration of our inner child strengthens the creative mind and balances the left/right brain polarities. The inner-child also embodies the energy of the heart, the emotions and our intuition. This brings a new functionality to the brain/heart connection.

We may ask ourselves; am I doing the right thing, am I living my life as it was meant to be lived? For each of us the answer is different. Each of us is a unique expression of human life and in all instances the answer is within us – encoded in our DNA and expressed spontaneously through the playful essence of our inner child. Integrating our Inner-child not only reminds us of “the feeling” of who we are, but embedded in this feeling is the signature vibration of “why” we are.

Each of us has an inner child that began our human life. It is there to enrich our life and bring us to peace within. It reminds us of who began this life we live today. It is our innate connection with everything around us.

The distinguishing differences between the inner child and the child ”hood”, means that despite our early-life circumstances the inner child is available to all in its essential form. Whether you consider your childhood to be good or bad makes no difference.

When I close my eyes to the world and think about how it really feels to be ME, I become aware of a deep feeling memory that emerges within my heart. I recognise this feeling from my earliest years. Try this yourself . . . You may recognise the feeling of just being you. The “you” you have always felt you were, but maybe never really thought much about . . .

Adulthood amounts only to the “things we do” in life – a list of instructions and skills to get us through. Who we really are and who we continue to be, is held more in our sense of child.

We are always the child we always were . . .


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