Auckland Launch concert

An afternoon with “Jeffree and The Playing Fields”
Sunday 13 October, 1.30pm

Join Jeffree in the Prema Lounge for a scintillating LIVE presentation of his brand-new meditation track, “The Playing Fields”. Come along and enjoy a magical afternoon in the sweet vibrations of Jeffree’s blissful music and uplifting vision – your inner child awaits! 

Kawai Purapura Retreat Centre. 14 Mills Lane, Albany. $20 Admission Bookings: Phone Jeffree at (027) 446 8714  Door sales available. 

There’s nothing quite like coming to a live concert with Jeffree, so if you can get to any of these events, he would love to see you!

Infinity Spiritual Centre, 550 Anglsea St, Hamilton. $20 Admission
Bookings: Phone Infinity at (07) 838 1838  Door sales (if available). 

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