A lull in proceedings – a muzzle or a miracle?

A lull in proceedings – a muzzle or a miracle?

In our quest for achievement we can sometimes be faced with a lull in proceedings, an uncomfortable stop that muzzles our appetite for progress.

There can be a number of reasons for this and as a general rule; it’s a good idea to firstly check and double check that we are not overlooking something . . .

Our expectations of grandeur can sometimes lead us to missing those little miracles we create all the time. If we miss them we can easily believe that we are being ineffective and following this conclusion can result in a “glass half empty” outlook. In truth, those little miracles are not that hard to see and it may just be a case of slowing down a bit, keeping our expectations open and allowing the enjoyment of each new moment to register in our on-going awareness.

Give thanks for the little miracles and
the big ones will soon appear . . .

The idea of noticing the small changes and progressions is important. Remember the things we focus on are automatically enhanced by our attention on them. When we take that attention one step further into being grateful for their presence, we create a beautiful vibration around them. It’s like playing beautiful music around plants – they hear it and they respond positively.

Gratitude is love and love makes all things possible.

After gratitude we can relax into that space of contemplation and meditation. We can realise that those little quiet patches in our progress forward can actually have a profound purpose for us. After all, life is more than just achieving things. Life is also about being present and being at peace with ourselves . . .

Often when we find ourselves in a lull, it is a time to look within. It is a time to take our daily life into a deeper consciousness and to “check-in” with our creative-source. So often in their relentless quest forward, many people overlook themselves as being an integral part of what they create in life.

“This is the house that Jack built” is as much about Jack as it is about the house. It is important that what we create is an extension of our unique-self as creator. Without regular internal reference, external influences can cause us to create incoherently. When this happens we often begin losing the spark for our projects. Finding ourselves in a lull can often mean a time to realign with our purpose.

From the perspective of the bigger picture, there is another consideration when it comes to being in a lull. Again, taking the time to meditate is an important step. This time we might be reminded that our personal creativity stems from a universal source. It’s a bit like there being one God, and each of us being a separate expression of that.

Taken from this perspective it becomes important for each of us to consider the evolutionary nature of what universal creativity creates . . .

Evolution, as we observe it, has a “rate of unfolding”. In other words, we know that everything around us now has been evolving over billions of years. Relative to one human lifetime the creative process of evolution is very gradual. With the exception of punctuated equilibrium on very rare occasions, there is a consistent evolutionary rate where things grow, adapt and recycle. In meditation we have the opportunity to connect with this and attune our personal rate of creativity to correlate with the bigger picture.

Thus, a lull in our progress could mean a time to retune our creativity to harmonize with the universal creative source. Perhaps a meaningful speed adjustment is required?

I believe that the current social and environmental discords have a lot to do with our inconsideration of “mother Nature”. The quickening speed of human evolution is not only dividing humanity but also putting constant pressure on nature to catch up.

A lull in these proceedings would surely be a little miracle . . .

In peace always

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